23 Books

Urban Flow, Lalitpur 23.09.2012

Format 260 x 380 cm, 70 Seiten, Ringbindung

Patan or Lalitpur is the third largest city in Nepal. On this walk I touched a big range of urban ways of utilisation. The touristarea with the Kingpalace, the old parts with narrow lanes and small shops, the rural center of the old city with the postoffice and Siddhartabank, the schoolarea, a broad main road and the business district with glass facades, banktowers and multistorey buildings. A panoptic of today's Nepal. To reach a flow, the continuous concentration on the object, I photographed the 54 images in one single, five km long and five hours lasting walk.

Zuhause, 2008

Format: 26x35cm, second version, Ringbindung 80 pages, Inkjet on Tetenal matt

Architecture doesn't end with the completion of the building. For the residents of the housings in this book the adventure just starts. Their home is decorated and changed immediately after the occupation. All photographs were taken in housings of wellknown architects, like Atelier 5, Baumschlager & Eberle, Riegler Riewe, George Addor, Günther Domenig... many years after the competion of the buildings. The people living there had arranged themselfes with the architectonic circonstances.

Kernstockgasse 10, 2007

Format: 29 x 27 cm, Ringbindung 108 pages, Original inkjetprints on Tetenal matt

As long as I can remember I know this apartment. My Auntie Gertraud was a passionate collector. But she could not put away her beloved souvenirs and memories. She kept travelling souveniers, images, paintings, photographs, words, notes.. for everything she found a place in her quite big apartment. With increasing age she pinned also warnings and rememberings for daily life on the walls. The photographs were made just before my aunt had to leave her home for medical reasons.

Assume, 2006

27 x 22 cm, Ringbindung 120 Seiten, Originalinkjetabzüge auf Tetenal matt mit verschiedenen Einlegeblättern

After I had finished the photographs for a Swiss Re Corporate Architecture book, I still had time to make some other pictures. The Swiss Re center for dialogue at Rüschlikon was a perfect place to learn more about Globalisation and to come closer to the essence of this worldwide acting company.

La Maladiere, Construction 2003-2006

29 x 24 cm, Ringbindung 144 Seiten, Originalinkjetabzüge auf HP Superior Inkjet Paper 180 matt with Epson Stylus Pro 4000

Three years I accompanied the construction of the multifunctional complex La Maladiere, the new footballstadion with a shopping center and 6 sporting halls. Unique is the topographical situation with a rich architectonic neighborhood which is always in sight distance.The place became more important than the precise documentation of the construction progress.

Deconstruction One, 2005

30 x 30 cm, 54 Seiten, Ringbindung, Originalinkjetabzüge

To rebuild the hospital Pourtales in Neuchâtel the old walls had to be pulled down. So I found the opportunity to follow the demolition and to photograph some souveniers just before disapearing.

Kugelberg 2005

ormat: 37x31cm, Ringbindung 146 Seiten, Inkjet auf Tetenal matt

There are little places with which I'm so familiar. Since I was 12 years old I wandered over the forests and fields of the Kugelberg. 30 years later I again wandered over this place, this time with my large format camera to find out what has left from my childhood memories. I discovered a new landscape, but even some old planks of my treehouse have survived the time.

Minus 33 Grad, 2005

Format: 23x34cm, Ringbindung 68 Seiten, Inkjet auf Tetenal matt

The valley of Brevine in the canton Neuchâtel is called Siberia of Switzerland. This high valley near the french border is generating regulary low temperature records. On 2.Mars 2005, when these photographs were taken, the record was -33,7 degrees Celsius.

Tree nursery 2005

30 x 30 cm, 36 Seiten, Ringbindung, Originalinkjetabzüge

Vegetation was always a big theme for me. So I decided to make some photographs in a tree nursery in Colombier. The pictures of the trees and bushes werde taken in late winter, just bevor they finished their winter sleep.

Photographies 2002-2004

Format: 26x31cm, Ringbindung 86 Seiten, Inkjet auf Tetenal matt

Series or single-photographs? How are travelling memories look like if they were taken with a view-finder-camera? In this bokk I collected some images without asserting a claim to a concept or series. Single-photographs which has become personally and visually important fr4om 2202-2004. The cohesion is attained by a continous chain of associations.